About Us sc4L

concept 11sustainable communities for Leeds (sc4L) consists of a group of organisations formed specifically to deliver the project. It consists of Scottish Widows investment partnership infastructure funds, Equitix and Engie (New build and Regeneration) who are all working in partnership with Leeds City Council to build new council homes, refurbish existing council properties and regenerate communities in Little London and Beeston Hill and Holbeck.

The Project was divided into different areas of work which will be phased in over the next  3½ years. Works will include the following, For full details of works, visuals, programmes, etc, select the link to your area below.

Little London

  • Refurbishing over 885 homes
  • Constructing 113 new council homes

Beeston Hill and Holbeck

  • Refurbishing over 400 homes
  • Constructing 275 new council homes


Repairs and Maintenance

  • For a 20 year duration sc4L are responsible for the repair and maintenance of homes and communal areas within the Project area.