sc4L Vision & Values

sc4L Vision

We have a real commitment to create sustainable regeneration within the communities we serve by:

  • working collaboratively in partnership with a wide range of local stakeholders;
  • recognising and acknowledging the diversity within the local community;
  • ensuring effective communication and community engagement;
  • adopting a customer focused approach;
  • providing innovative solutions and challenging traditional methods of working;
  • delivering quality and value for money;
  • maximising opportunities to stimulate the local economy through training and employment opportunities;
  • Integrating the local supply chain;
  • taking ownership and responsibility;
  • caring for the environment; and
  • maintaining a robust approach to safety at all times.

sc4L Values

Integral to the successful delivery of our Vision is our culture and the values which drive our business based around the following key principles:

  • openness, honesty and understanding;
  • managing with integrity;
  • building trust;
  • taking corporate responsibility;
  • team working;
  • effective leadership;
  • adopting a flexible approach;
  • maintaining a customer focused approach;
  • listening and responding to our customer’s needs;
  • a commitment to effective partnering;
  • delivering a high quality service;
  • ensuring a safe working environment; and
  • taking a pride in what we do.