Who are sc4L?

sc4L is a consortium comprising of Sweett Group (UK) Investments Ltd, Equitix,  KM Investments Ltd. (a part of KM Limited), and Lloyds Banking Group. The consortium partners have knowledge and experience of working with local authorities and residents to deliver high-quality, sustainable housing and social infrastructure projects.

sc4L Logo with Keepmoat

New Build, Refurbishment, Repair & Maintenance

Local housing regeneration specialists ENGIE Places & Communities (formerly Keepmoat Regeneration) – with previous experience of working on refurbishment projects for Leeds City Council – will be the new build and refurbishment contractor for the project. Together with Property Services they will also be providing on-going maintenance services throughout the 20 year contract period.


ENGIE – Places & Communities

ENGIE is a regeneration specialist delivering a holistic package of housing services, including refurbishment, repairs, facilities and asset management, extra care residential schemes, maintenance and new build projects across the country.
Please visit our website for further details of who we are: engie-places


ENGIE – Property Services

Property Services have a strong partnering ethos and work collaboratively with our customers to achieve shared goals and objectives. We are a specialist provider of integrated building solutions for social housing providers and local authority clients in Yorkshire.

We are committed to continuous improvement and develop our service in line with changing needs and beyond, aiming to push boundaries, exceed expectations and implement innovative solutions.

Please visit our website for further details of who we are: propertyservices