Local Events


Advertise whats happened and will be happening in your neighbourhood.

All local residents in the project area receive a quarterly sc4L Newsletter which advertise local news and events (you can also view these here on our Home page under ‘Newsletters’)

Newsletters provide information on:

•  the forthcoming works and how they may affect you

•  the programme of works

•  the repairs and maintenance service

•  opportunities for local employment

•  how you can get involved in the project

Choice Events

When the home survey is completed of your home, we will confirm what refurbishment works will be required.

Then shortly before work is due to start in your neighbourhood, you will be invited to a Choice Event. It is important when you receive your invitation that you attend the local event where you are able to view and choose from a range of products for your home. These include a selection of tiles, flooring, fires, kitchen units, worktops and external doors. These can be viewed on the Information and Choice Event page.

Community involvement

Please check out the “In your Community” section for details of any planned Community Meetings and Events in your area. The Calendar is updated regularly.

Open Days

sc4L held two Open Day eventsin August 2013, one in Little London and one in Holbeck where residents were able to drop in and get an update on the different phases of the Project. The events were run to provide information and let residents know about when and where changes are taking place at a local level.