Communual Areas

sc4L will ensure that communal areas around flats, maisonettes and sheltered accommodation are maintained and provide good facilities for the community and are kept clean, safe and secure.


Our areas of responsibility are:


  • caretaking of communal areas
  • cleaning of communal recycling areas
  • waste management in communal areas


  • planned and reactive cleaning of communal areas 
  • regular window cleaning in communal areas


sc4L will ensure that communal areas in low and high rise flats and sheltered accommodation are kept safe and presentable.

If you see any graffiti or fly posters in the area please report to the sc4L Helpdesk immediately and we will arrange for its removal. Please let us know the location and the wording of the graffiti when you phone.

Pest Control

  • Reactive pest control to communal and external areas only

Your home – For help and advice on pest control inside or outside your home please download one of the leaflets which are located in the “downloads” section to the right of this page. Please be aware that getting rid of pests may take more than one visit and for treatments to be successful it is important to allow access for appointments.

Estate and Environmental Maintenance

  • working with residents to support the development of community gardens and allotments
  • litter picking of external grounds, grassed and landscaped areas
  • grass cutting and weed spraying
  • planting and maintaining landscaped areas
  • tree pruning and hedge maintenance

Communal water storage tanks

Annual servicing is required to keep in proper working order the installations to the dwelling for the supply of water, gas, electricity and sanitation

Please phone the sc4L Helpdesk if you have any concerns or queries regarding caretaking, cleaning, pest control or grounds maintenance in your area or report to the Customer Liaison Advisor or your local drop in centre.


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